24 March 2009

Hard Truth

I gave you all my sweetness,
I gave you all my
You took everything I gave,
and then you have flown away....

I shared all my heart,
I shared all my soul,
I gave you all I had,
but still you have flown away....

In that valley of loneliness
I learned the hard truth of life,
that life isn't about getting what you love,
it is about loving what you get...
and all you have in this life
is none, but you alone...
and what you have in this life
is for nothing, but for giving it away...

12 March 2009

Path to Wisdom

Wisdom is the knowledge of your ignorance..

Knowing your ignorance leads you to true knowledge..
Ignorant about your ignorance will always keeps you ignorant..

God, give me the wisdom to realize my ignorance.
Picture by : magua