20 February 2009

Searching for answers

Life is a quest for answers to unanswerable questions,
each answer leading to more questions...

How can Life teach you the answer,
when Life itself becomes a question?

There is only one place,
where you will find all your answers...
It lies on the other side of the bridge,
the bridge that takes you out of this life,
the bridge of death.............

Picture by Nicolas


  1. nooo...there are other ways alsoo to get the answers...

  2. From where does the questions and conflicts of life arise ? Is it not from within us ? From within our minds ? So is it not where we must start our quest for the answers of life ? Do we watch ourselves closely enough ?

  3. Answers to the four fundamental questions (with regards to one's ORIGIN, MEANING, MORALITY & DESTINY) was invariably given by only ONE PERSON in history - The Son of God, JESUS CHRIST.

    He is the ultimate embodiment of Truth, Love & Life.

    ***Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
    ***As recorded in the Gospel of John 14:6.

    Need Answers? then you Need HIM.

    1. Anonymous2:06 PM

      And HIM is code for a demon or some spirit because the bible says to not even say their names.

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Yes except the fact that the letter J was not invented until 400 years ago and names are never translated from language to language. Therefore Jesus is a made up name. He is satan. Did I create another question for you? Im sure the true being would not like you giving the credit for all his work to another. A few more questions. Why does your god have no name when he says in the bible that his people will be called by his name? Who are his people? The bible says they will be in a land that is not theirs being treated badly for 400 years. Which people have done that? None until 2019