24 February 2009

Let go

root of all evil, the cause of all trouble and the greatest temptation of all, is I.

What does these words have in common? Pride, Sin, Guilt, Crime
They all have I at its center.

What does these words have in common? Trust, Truth, Genuine
They all have U - you, at its center.

There is no I in Love. Luv is centered on u.

Life, is not about, me. Let go your ego.

Picture By : Aswirly

20 February 2009

Searching for answers

Life is a quest for answers to unanswerable questions,
each answer leading to more questions...

How can Life teach you the answer,
when Life itself becomes a question?

There is only one place,
where you will find all your answers...
It lies on the other side of the bridge,
the bridge that takes you out of this life,
the bridge of death.............

Picture by Nicolas

19 February 2009


Life is a journey from memories to mysteries...

What you learn from life's memories
defines how you succeed on life's mysteries...

Your history
is your nursery
for your destiny...

Photo From : SS