09 June 2009

Looking back

Three decades ago, on this day,
I saw the first glimpse of light....
Three decades younger, today,
I pray for a life filled with light...

Three decades taught me three lessons...

Life is not about me..
Only a life lived for others is a life worth living...

True love is in giving yourself,
expecting nothing back
and in expecting nothing,
that I cannot give...

The third lesson is the realization
that it is very hard to follow the first two...

Photo by Historicus

03 June 2009

Choices in life

Life is a puzzle,
a puzzle of choice...
the choices that you make,
defines the life you live..

Life is not about choosing always the right choice,
It is more about learning from your wrong choice.

24 March 2009

Hard Truth

I gave you all my sweetness,
I gave you all my
You took everything I gave,
and then you have flown away....

I shared all my heart,
I shared all my soul,
I gave you all I had,
but still you have flown away....

In that valley of loneliness
I learned the hard truth of life,
that life isn't about getting what you love,
it is about loving what you get...
and all you have in this life
is none, but you alone...
and what you have in this life
is for nothing, but for giving it away...

12 March 2009

Path to Wisdom

Wisdom is the knowledge of your ignorance..

Knowing your ignorance leads you to true knowledge..
Ignorant about your ignorance will always keeps you ignorant..

God, give me the wisdom to realize my ignorance.
Picture by : magua

24 February 2009

Let go

root of all evil, the cause of all trouble and the greatest temptation of all, is I.

What does these words have in common? Pride, Sin, Guilt, Crime
They all have I at its center.

What does these words have in common? Trust, Truth, Genuine
They all have U - you, at its center.

There is no I in Love. Luv is centered on u.

Life, is not about, me. Let go your ego.

Picture By : Aswirly

20 February 2009

Searching for answers

Life is a quest for answers to unanswerable questions,
each answer leading to more questions...

How can Life teach you the answer,
when Life itself becomes a question?

There is only one place,
where you will find all your answers...
It lies on the other side of the bridge,
the bridge that takes you out of this life,
the bridge of death.............

Picture by Nicolas

19 February 2009


Life is a journey from memories to mysteries...

What you learn from life's memories
defines how you succeed on life's mysteries...

Your history
is your nursery
for your destiny...

Photo From : SS