29 August 2005

Light in the Darkness

You are my light in the dark,
my hope in my despair.
Oh God, show me the way,
when the path turns dark,
Lead me thy way,
In the hour of darkness.

25 August 2005

Stand out from the rest

Like the moon at the night...
You stand out from the rest...

19 August 2005

Rays of Freedom

The moon is finally free...
The rays of freedom is finally here...

Enjoy it for yourself..
Feel the freedom!

08 August 2005


Behind every fame,
lies many forgotten name!
You may have toiled your life,
You may have spoiled your days,
Just to find out that the credit went to some one else!

that's how the world is...
This is how life behaves!

So when you do something,
Do it for your satisfaction,
Not for its recognition.