25 December 2005

Hope for the world

Long time back,
On this day,
He was born....

He had everything...
But he became poor...
He was God...
But he became man...

And because of Him,
We have hope and peace....
So lets celebrate...
Wish you all a Merry X'mas.....

06 December 2005

You are not Alone

When you feel that you are alone,
with no one to share..
and no where to move...

Open your eyes and realize,
that you stand not on your own,
but by the Rock that holds you...

The Rock that holds you,
is the God that made you...

25 November 2005

When clouds meets the ground

When the clouds wants to touch the ground....
It uses the waters....

When God wants to touch the earth....
He uses you and me....
Are you ready for it?

18 November 2005

Art of God

Nature is the art of God.

08 November 2005

Path to Success

The reason why the fruit is so beautiful is
that the path that leads to it is filled with thorns!

Behind every success,
lies a long challenging path...

Turn the thorns in your way,
as the steps that leads your way...

The more demanding the way,
more beautiful its fruit will be..

07 November 2005


I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
~Emma Goldman

29 October 2005


Life is a compromise of what your ego wants to do, what experience tells you to do, and what your nerves let you do.
~Bruce Crampton

13 October 2005

Nothing of Everything

I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying.
~Charles C. Finn

29 September 2005


The bondage of love,
is the freedom of life...

20 September 2005

Beauty lies at your focus

If you feel that the flower is attractive,
whereas the bud is repulsive,
think again....

It all depends on where you focus,
and how you focus...
Beauty lies at the eyes of the beholder,
and the focus of his vision...

19 September 2005

Read My Face

The face of innocence...
I wish If I would be like this...

05 September 2005

We are with you

We feel your loss,
We understand your pain.
Our hearts are with you,
Our prayers are for you...

Let the dark days be over soon..
May your dreams of joy return soon..

Dedicated to the citizens of NewOrleans affected by the Hurrucane Katrina

29 August 2005

Light in the Darkness

You are my light in the dark,
my hope in my despair.
Oh God, show me the way,
when the path turns dark,
Lead me thy way,
In the hour of darkness.

25 August 2005

Stand out from the rest

Like the moon at the night...
You stand out from the rest...

19 August 2005

Rays of Freedom

The moon is finally free...
The rays of freedom is finally here...

Enjoy it for yourself..
Feel the freedom!

08 August 2005


Behind every fame,
lies many forgotten name!
You may have toiled your life,
You may have spoiled your days,
Just to find out that the credit went to some one else!

that's how the world is...
This is how life behaves!

So when you do something,
Do it for your satisfaction,
Not for its recognition.

29 July 2005

You and Me

You and Me,
We feel the same,
You and Me,
We will be One.

22 July 2005

The right shade

Not a bit more
Not a bit Less
Just the right shade
To fill one's heart with love

21 July 2005

Ladder of Love

Each step brings you closer to your love...
But each step takes you away from the ground...

19 July 2005

Thoughts of a Bud

I may be small
I may not be beautifull,
I may be powerless,
I may remain anonymous,
But I am the cause of your beauty,
I am the source of your energy.

18 July 2005

Today is a Gift

Yesterday is history,
Tommorow is a mystery,
But Today is a Gift...
So Enjoy it..

16 July 2005

Lovely Skies

The skies are lovely, light and deep,
I may have promises to keep,
But I can't leave, without a snap,
I can't sleep, without a snap.

11 July 2005

I feel lonely

I stand here with a broken heart,
puzzling what to do.
Life looks like a modern art,
doubting where to go.

I stand lonely,
even in this crowd,
I feel empty,
without my beloved.

08 July 2005

Beautiful You

So beautiful and delicate are you,
I wish I could go on looking at you.

07 July 2005

Shed your shells

People live in the shells made by Society
Come out of it to find real happiness!!

06 July 2005

Smile of my day

You are the hope of my life,
You are the smile of my day.

04 July 2005

30 June 2005

Teach me O Lord

Teach me O Lord,
To love the growth of my ally,
Teach me O God,
To pray for the growth of enemy.

Teach me O Lord,
To thank you for what I have,
Teach me O God,
To be happy with what I have.

27 June 2005

My first step

Every journey begins with a single step....

This is my first step in to the world of blogging...